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8 definitions by Raptor

The single most overrated game of all time. Despite having good graphics and realistic physics, it has a plot that makes very little sense and leaves more questions than it answers. The weapons are unoriginal and boring, with the exception of the gravity gun which is really nothing but a toy to showcase the new physics engine. Though the voice acting in the game was good, the dialogue was ridiculous and contributed nothing to the suspension of disbelief. There was not nearly enough variety in the host of enemies faced by the player. The installation process was truly hell, requiring the player to download an additional program (Steam, a problem of it's own that I won't go into here), meaning those without Internet access who purchased the game are 100% fucked. It also had a major glitch that would halt the installation process if "Counter-Strike Source" was deselected from the install menu. I finished the game, and was utterly unimpressed by its ultimately anti-climatic ending. I have to say, this game make even Deus Ex: Invisible War look like a worthy sequel. I've never been more disappointed by a game in my life. If Valve makes an expansion pack that adequately finishes the story of Adrian Shephard from Opposing Force (the excellent expansion pack from the first Half-Life, for you morons out there who never played the original), I might be able to forgive them but until then, I'm sticking with Doom 3 and Far Cry.
Half-Life 2 doesn't come close to matching it's predecessor.
by Raptor March 05, 2005