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A general term given to any inbred, red-necked hick.
"Some foks'll never eat a skunk, but then again, some folks'll, like Cletus the slack-jawed yokel."
by Ranga McFip October 13, 2004
An African-American Homosexual
Hey! That black guy has gotta be a Goong!
by Ranga McFip October 13, 2004
Pieces of excresion that are forced into the fibres of underwear due to the pressures of the wearer's fat ass. Also known as a skid mark
Jesus Louis, Youv'e skidded up your jocks again! You smell like an obese scottish male stripper!
by Ranga McFip October 13, 2004
1)Proper Recognition- respect from your fellow peers; Popularity.

2) Respect from a police constable or other law-abiding citizen.
I had ta pop a cop in the ass 'cos he wouldnt giv me mah props in Oaktown, y'all.
by Ranga McFip October 13, 2004

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