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the most overrated rock group of all time. Their music consists of junior high school lyrics, example: youve pulled the trigger of my love gun, circus-like stage antics, very unsophisticated/simplistic musical forms, and a live album where the crowd noise was edited in. Only ace Frehley is considered a good musician and that was only marginally. Very few lists of great musicians will ever include any member of kiss. No serious adult fan of rock music, heavy metal or otherwise, will ever say that Kiss had great songwriting or virtuosic instrumentation. As far as marketing themselves,however, they did excel. They knew who their audience was , and how to reach them. but, so does Ashlee simpson, and she really sucks.
Kiss is the most overrated rock group of all time. I liked them when i was 8, then i heard led zeppelin and pink floyd and gave my kiss records to the "special kid" who lived next door.
by Randy seltzer August 28, 2006
NBC is the pathetic, shortsighted network which unexplainably cancelled the greatest comedy/drama that ever existed, FREAKS AND GEEKS, without ever giving the show a fair chance. fortunately, the series is out on DVD. If you truly want to find out how dumb the NBC execs really are for yourself, check out the dvd's. you will be blown away by the acting, the realism, the covert humor without flintstone-like laugh tracks, and the depth of the characters.
It is utterly inconceivable that NBC actually cancelled a show that was as high quality as freaks and geeks was.
by Randy seltzer August 28, 2006
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