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What is the truth about the Lebanese? Are they really obsessed about money and sex? Well, yes most of them are. All the Lebanese that I have met think constantly about money and sex. Lebanese people are generally good looking, clean, and have a good ability to adapt. In general, Lebanese people are superior in education and intelligence to the rest of the Arabs; this is due to Lebanon's geographical location on the Mediterranean Sea and its history as a country of connection between the West and the East. This connection has brought openness and prosperity but also wars and destruction as the Lebanese people have never agreed on whether Lebanon should be of European character or of Arab Islamic character. Unlike any of its neighbours, Lebanon enjoys a mild climate and a green mountainous landscape. The Lebanese are 60% Muslim and 40% Christian. Lebanese people can be divided into 2 categories:
1.Lebanese living in Lebanon, 2.Lebanese living abroad in diaspora.
What is it with the Lebanese and their muscle cars?
by Randy James October 30, 2006

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