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1. Someone who intentially jams their toes to attract the opposite sex.

2. A weirdo who likes to put their toes in the top of a milk jug so no milk comes out. Often causing a riot during breakfast hours.

3. Someone who likes to rub grape jam on their toes and stick two slices of bread on top to make a sandwich.
2. Guy 1: I Want some fucking milk
Guy 2: You can't cuz Brad has his toes blocking the milk flow.
Guy 1: Damn, Brad is such a Toe Jammer.
by Randy Gilbert April 15, 2009
An object found between the cleavage, usually a dick, that breaks apart the foundation of the boob twins and can be commonly referred as a tittyfucker.
Guy 1: God Dave really split dem titties.
Guy 2: Yea he sure is one hell of a Cleavage Splitter.
by Randy Gilbert April 15, 2009
One who repeatedly climbs fences for pure enjoyment.
"Whoa Look at Kyle he's such a fence climber."
by Randy Gilbert April 15, 2009
1. One who is constantly trying to finger someone.

2. Someone who cuts their fingers off at party's and throws it into the pool for everyone to see.
"What's that in the pool". Oh man i never knew Stan was a finger floater.
by Randy Gilbert April 15, 2009

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