1 definition by Randy B

1.)The act of shooting a rich Texas lawyer whilst supposedly hunting quail,

2.)To bold-facedly repeat an obvious lie about something despite all indications to the contrary until the more feeble-minded begin to think it's the truth,
EXAMPLE: " Fox News Dick Cheneyed the public with the story that Iraq was responsible for 911."

3.)To shoot 1st & ask questions later, usually used in circumstances where the wrong target is erroneously struck due to inadequate information or horrific misjudgement.
"Gee, Osama's a Saudi living in Afghanistan, why'd you Dick Cheney on Iraq?"

1.) The Vice President of the United States,
2.) A rich foul-mouthed boor,
3.) A pathological liar,
4.) A person with an elevated sense of self-worth that they believe elevates them above the law. see also Conrad Black

VERB Usage:
"We don't hate America, we just don't want to be Dick Cheneyed by them!"

"To Dick Cheney all Americans for the imbecilic rantings of a few FOX news personnel would be an injustice."

"Well Officer, I was cleaning my AK47 & somehow I Dick Cheneyed my wife."

NOUN Usage:
"Brad's girlfriend dumped him, because the last thing in the world she could stand was a Dick Cheney."

"Nobody liked Bob any more, you just couldn't trust a Dick Cheney."
by Randy B February 15, 2006

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