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Axl Rose- The reason why Guns n Roses broke up. He knows how to split up bands. HE always has to get his way. Great singer/songwriter but then it comes to friends and bandmates he sucks. He blames other people for how Guns n Roses broke up and also how his new cd is taking forever to be out in stores. I think the old Guns n Roses should meet up and talk about why Guns n Roses really split up. Since this is Axl we're talking about like usual he is gonna cancel it like he did with all of his shows with the new Guns n Roses.
Lamar-Dude my bandmate is acting like a total Axl.
Agnus-If I were you I would totally quit your band before you guys get big and have to do everything "Axl" says.
by Randomness Kidness July 11, 2004

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