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The best thing ever!
I was having the worst day at work and I was just happy to be going home. I opened my front door and my saw my boyfriend Tom sitting on the sofa. "Hey Claire" He says. "You look upset....Whats Wrong" I sigh and say "Bad day at work." He grins and says I can fix that" He pulls of his shirt and pulls me down on the sofa. We start to make-out and I get so excited I shove my hand down the front of his pants. He gasps and pulls of my shirt and bra. He stops kissing me and sucks my tits. By now I'm so horny I pull of his pants and we start to make-out some more. I love the feel of his tongue in my mouth. He pulls off my pants and stares in surprise. I never wear panties but he didn't know that till now. He pulls off his boxers and I give him the best blow job ever. I make sure to swallow all his cum. He shivers with pleasure. I climb up on top of him and sit on his hips. He guides his penis inside of me and I start to bounce up and down. Having him inside of me feels amazing. I continue to bounce up and down as he reaches up and rubs my boobs. Suddenly I feel him flutter my g-spot. I don't want him to stop, so i say "Tom, baby, don't stop!" So he doesn't. He flips me over and lays on me, and starts pumping. Then he hits my g-spot and I scream from the major orgasm. He continues to pump harder and faster. It was the best sex ever!
by RandomGirl0000 August 01, 2012

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