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Means A middle to late age man that has a beard the consistency of a birds nest and colour ranges to white to browny orange depending on when last washed. A constant chain smoking of Marlboro reds is also a bonus, but not a necessity.
A. Oh my god look at that per twit!
B. HAHAH Look at his beard!
Per Twit: HHHHHHHh! So what was dat you just asked me?
by Random Unit May 28, 2004
Lung blackening, like smoking a chimney ciggarettes. Generally smoked by Fat old men seeper twit.
A. Set me a Brown.
B. Ok here you go (Hand a cigarette)
A. Ahhhh, Na man not Marlboro Reds They make your heart blead for 30 mins.
B. (Takes Ciagrette Back)
by random unit May 28, 2004
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