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1) A person with an abnormally large penis
2) The Japanese singer Gackt
1) Yeah, I slept with that guy last night. He was a real magnum!
2) When asked about his penis size, Gackt replies 'I'm a magnum."
by Random Person from Canada May 30, 2005
Pissing in extremely cold temperatures, usually so cold that the pee freezes in midair.
Man 1: Aw man! I went polar pissing again and my pee froze!
Man 2: Well next time, try not to stick your dick out and piss when the temperature is below zero. Polar pissing is dangerous to your health.
Man 1: Gee, thanks, I'll remember that next time my piss freezes inside my dick.
by Random Person From Canada January 15, 2014
To be beaten in a fist-fight known as Duke It Out. Usually the winner is the out-duker. This means the person is superior at Duking It Out.
Man 1: I hate you so much!
Man 2: Me too!!!! Let's Duke It Out!!!
Random Bystanders: DUKE! DUKE! DUKE! DUKE! DUKE!!!
(Man 1 and Man 2 fight until Man 2 finally knocks Man 1 out.)
Man 2: You have been out-duked!!!!
(All the bystanders cheer)
by Random Person From Canada February 12, 2014
A man's genitals. Originated from the Japanese singer Gackt when in an interview, he stated that he enjoyed balancing a teaset on his crotch while taking a shower Matrix style.
Me: So, how's your teacup this evening?
Guy: What the hell are you talking about?
by Random Person from Canada May 30, 2005
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