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What crazy bikers say when they are 100 feet behind you but still afraid of hitting you.
by Random John July 10, 2003
Best team in the NBA! Nothing can beat them. Even though we havn't won a championship yet..... We Will!
Why do the lakers need Gary Payton?
Becuz they cant stop the Sacramento Kings!
by Random John July 10, 2003
Oh man when something nutty happenes. It's crazy
"does it come with turbo?"
"They dont make that"
"Does it come with wings?"
"They dont make those"
"Seriously? Thats crazy!"
by Random John July 10, 2003
Being drunk and stoned at the same time. DR (drunk)ONED (stoned)
Oh man im so fuckin DRONED!
by Random John July 10, 2003
Being Silly
Oh silly sailor why are you being such a poon?
by Random John July 10, 2003
Something dirty mexicans say to make them sound hard when they really arent and then get they're asses beat by BEN and TYLER!
Yo, Playa you wanna take flite o somethin?
by Random John July 03, 2003
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