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A northern NJ science teacher who has random outbursts of various words and definitions. It is still unexplainable why he does this, but it makes class a shit load more fun cause every second, someone is making a joke about him or doing an impersonation. Making fun of him may include: doing his facial expressions, emphasizing everything he says, or just laughing because of the hilariousness. He is famous for interrupting a student trying to answer a question, and thats where it all began.
Dr. D-"what was in the bottle?"
Dr. D (as the student is saying it)-"AIR!!!!!!"

Dr. D-"You gotta ROUND IT!!!"

Dr. D (referring to everyone talking in class)-"GRRRR!!!! *hand movements like hes gonna kill someone*"
by Randolph high school kid October 05, 2010

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