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An awesome guy, an awesome drummer and an awesome actor! He was the drummer in the Beatles in the 60's but is more well known (haha) for his role in Thomas the Tank Engine.
Ringo Starr was in the Beatles.
by Ramone Wyman December 20, 2006
A man that deserves credit but rarely receives it. The only reason I believe he is not as 'recognized' and 'appreciated' by the vast majority of humans is because John Lennon got popped off by that loony. Sorry but it's the truth you crazy rabid Lennon fans who are frothing at the mouth as you are reading. Have a nice day.
Paul McCartney is just a great guy.
by Ramone Wyman February 13, 2008
The forgotten Stone. Wrote In Another Land. Holds his bass in a cool way. Liked younger women.
Bill Wyman was in the Rolling Stones.
by Ramone Wyman December 10, 2006
A country whose economic and political growth has been unspeakably retarded due to an unfortunate dispute among geographers as to whether it is a continent or an island.
Australia is not seen as a strong country.
by Ramone Wyman September 15, 2008
Someone we have been forced to call great and talented because he got popped off by some loony and now we are forced to swallow what a great guy he apparently was and how he was the creative force of the Beatles when in reality he was a washed-out hypocrite who only ever succeeded because he rided on Paul McCartney's talents. My friend says he is the human form of love and peace. Yes that's why he abandoned his friends while remaining bitter, twisted and childish about the whole Beatle business. Whole lotta love and peace there...err not. Once you've heard one Lennon song, you've heard them all.
We need to stop thinking John Lennon is a "legend" and accept him for what he really was - a stupid arsehole.
by Ramone Wyman November 26, 2006

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