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4 definitions by Ram Rod

Kinda like the 60's only with ipods and a wider variety of drugs and STDs
Grandpa: Well little Billy are you excited to go off to college?
Little Billy: Yea I'ts gonna be the time of my life!!
by Ram Rod July 31, 2008
A highly unattractive girl or boy who has questionable featues usually used for lovin it strong. Sometimes requires a bag over the head.Can be human or inflatable.See Nuggen Belly
Man Ralph is lovin' it strong with that love sled.Is that a girl or a guy?
by Ram Rod April 08, 2007
1) girl who is annoying, controlling, and highly unattractive

2) a skinny girl with a beer belly

3) a girl that looks like she slept in a dumpster

4) trailer trash lookin' skank bag
Don't get pussy whipped by that nuggen belly, she's a stage 5 cling-on.
by Ram Rod April 08, 2007
also know as a Coconut Bunny.

A title worn by a an absolutley gorgeous Dark Elven Spellhowler called Matzo (a brand of jewish cracker)

Coconut Rooster is best served on Matzo crackers.

Matzo the spellhowler likes to eat coconut roosters while making coconut rooster noises.
by Ram Rod July 06, 2006