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"Japanese Rain Goggles"

The Sexual Act of a Man or Woman sitting on the face of another Man or Woman so the Butt Cheeks of the person on top overlap the eyes of the person laying down. This places the anus directly in the center of the nose and the Vagina or Testicles/Penis of the person on top over the other persons mouth.

In Japanese cultures, the person on top would defecate diarrhea onto the persons face which would slide down the left and right side of the persons face on bottom and seep into the eyes, giving the person on bottom Pink Eye to simulate a vagina in the face.

In English cultures, the person on bottom would simply use the position to lick the Testicles/Penis or Vagina of the person on top until climax. The act is also simply called "Rain Goggles" with the exclusion of the "Japanese" part.

In Korean cultures, the act is performed similar to the Japanese culture with the only variation being the inclusion of the Vagina/Penis/Testicle copulation until climax, at which point the Semen or Vagina Cum would drip into the mouth of the person on bottom. Similarly, it is referred to simply as "Rain Goggles."
In Japanese culture - "I received Japanese Rain Goggles from the hooker on 5th street, now my eyes hurt like hell and I think they're infected worse."

In English culture - "My girlfriend and I switched Rain Goggles for the first time last night. She loved it, I wasn't too thrilled about it though."

In Korean culture - "I swallowed his cum when he gave me Rain Goggles. I hate the taste of it, though!"
by Raining Buckets February 12, 2013

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