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BNSF is the not so epic railroad that came out when the awesome BN and EPIC AT&SF merged. BNSF is liked because of them being nice to railfans, and for not completely wiping out fallen flags, like UP does with their the piss-colored "Armor" scheme, but is hated because of them insistently buying widecab locomotives from the suckfest company we like to call GE.
Railfan 1: "BNSF is so awesome!"

Railfan 2: "OK, foamer!"
by Railfans of America May 29, 2011
A action done by following a train (usually the front locomotive) at the same speed as it is going, and being on a long sterch of road of highway with the same speed limit. This is done by railfans everywhere. But beware. At least 2 people are needed, or else you will crash into a pit or into another car. Also, watch your speed. If your too slow, people hit you, or go aroud you and flip the bird. If your too fast, you hit another person, or your shot is ruined because you will pee your pants or go into a rage if you don't keep up.
I saw this one kid train chasing, and he hit a ditch and got the shit knocked out of him
by Railfans of America May 29, 2011
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