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Nickname for Maltese people from the island of Malta in the Mediterranean, due to them saying "mela" in just about every sentence. Used to mean various different things such as "of course", "ok", and "alright"; or just a filler in a sentence instead of "umm". Often repeated before or after the english word of the exact same meaning.
Answer to question - "Of course, mela, alright"
"The bus is here, mela"
by Raemantis April 24, 2009
When you need to look at something in a computer based programme. Entails clicking on a picture of a pair of binoculars.
Mark: How do I look at that info?
Amelia: You need to binoculate it!
by Raemantis May 20, 2009
South African term used for the little berries of fecal matter that hang off the hairs on your arse after taking a dump. Another version of the word Dingleberry.
That bloody boongleberry is just hanging there and won't fall off!
by Raemantis April 24, 2009
When things go terribly wrong - The shit hath hitteth the fanneth. Much more worse than when things go pear shaped, so the situation has spiralled completely out of control.
This situation has gone butternut shaped!
by Raemantis April 25, 2009

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