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Engaging in homosexual (women) sex.
Example 1
Guy : *To His Friends* Damn, Amanda and Sherri must've been wasted! They were lezzin' out right on the dance floor.

Example 2
Girl #1 : Hey, why aren't we lezzin' out?
Girl #2: I don't know. Shall we?
by Radrito May 23, 2007
The room in a home (house, apartment, condo, ect.) in which the people engage in the most sexual congress.
Example 1
Newly Wed : Uh, wow, I guess this is our Congress room! *Indicating the bathroom*

Example 2
Woman : *Drunk, frisky, waiting her husband to open the front door.* No detours! The Congress Room as soon as we're inside!
Man : I love this woman!

by Radrito May 23, 2007

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