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2 definitions by Radical Street

In motorsports- a garf motor is an engine put together with JUNK/poor quality parts and components.
Usually such engines run very poorly, yet the owner thinks they're the "cat's ass"
"Stevie and I put together this motor one time with parts out of a garbage can- what a garf motor that was!"

"Every time Larry and I go to the drag-strip, there are a bunch of white-trash dudes with garf motors!"

"Look at that hill billy with his Mustang and garf motor..."
by Radical Street September 06, 2013
Noun: Someone that thinks they are the "be-all/end-all" of a particular topic or discussion. Particularly within the motorsports/racing fields.
Noun: A "know-it-all", "one-upper", someone that always has a better story than yours. Also, pompous, and/or smug.
"That Larry..he sure knows a lot about transmissions....he's quite the blown fuel artist....."

"Boy that Stevie, he sure tells lots of made-up stories about Don Garlits, he must be a blown fuel artist"
by Radical Street July 28, 2013