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A pot-smoking ex-president who always has sex on his mind.
Q: What is Bill Clinton's favorite word?
A: Oral.
by Radical Republican February 01, 2005
A big, fine perfect round ass. It is not huge and gross, just bigger and better than average size. Every girl should have one of these. These anatomical masterpieces can give many guys an erection.
MMMMMMmmmmm.....that lovely redhead has such a big fine bubble butt. :)
by Radical Republican November 05, 2005
A bigotted policy that is over-emphasized to an incredibly irritating level. It is also used in the name of tolerance and progress, but it in fact happens to hold certain people down until people of a particular group gets things first. In addition, certain minorities are also left out in so-called "Diversity Week" celebrations, especially those with mental disabilities and Native Americans.
I don't like bullsh....I mean "Diversity Week". It leaves a lot of people out and I would rather deface it than embrace it.

Editors: Don't delete this just because you don't like what you read.
by Radical Republican November 06, 2005
not something to be laughed about, as autism is a real disorder, and it affects roughly 1 out of every 160 or so children, and there are also millions of adults and children living with it today.
There is no cure, but with research centers like the Autism Society of The Quad Cities (Iowa/Illinois), the Autism Society of North Carolina, the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, and the Center for the Study of Autism, there is hope in the future for a cure for this disorder in which a person has social difficulties, demands a predictable environment, has things that they are ultimately irritated by, and other characteristics and symptoms associated with this disorder. There are also milder forms of this mental/emotional condition (See Asperger's Syndrome)
To better understand autistic people and the disorder of Autism in general, many people need to open their minds and quit being judgemental towards people that have this. Autism is a serious condition, and it is something that should have a lot more consideration and understanding.
by Radical Republican March 21, 2005
One of the greatest American rock bands ever formed. With a long active career that lasted from the early 70s to the mid 80s, Styx scored numerous hits such as "The Grand Illusion", "Blue Collar Man", "Pieces of Eight", "Babe", "Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)", "Too Much Time On My Hands", and "Love Is The Ritual".
As other people have mentioned on here, Styx does have a similar sound to REO Speedwagon. That is because they play related forms of rock music, and they are both from Illinois, which explains the identical-sounding vocals.
Julian: Sonny also tawght me that Styx is one of thuh gweatest Amewican wock bands evor..."
by Radical Republican March 16, 2005
The county seat of Vanderburgh Co. and largest city in city in southern Indiana, as well as the third largest metropolitan city in the state of Indiana. This considerably big city is home to a local pop (carbonated beverage) manufacturing company known as RC Cola. It is also the headquarters of Old National Bank and one of the regional headquarters for Fifth-Third Bank. Girls here are beautiful, the healthcare is great, and the crime rates are low. People are usually quite hospitable and the skyline is rather impressive when you consider the population of this big town. It's strategic location on a horseshoe bend along the Ohio River makes it a great economic and industrial river port that hauls in and casts off tons of barges with hot commodities like coal each year from its busy docks. The City of Evansville is the metropolitan "capital" for a tri-state area that includes southern Illinois, northwestern Kentucky, and southern Indiana. It is a fun and great place to visit with many various places to shop and an awesome mall. Evansville also has a very rich German heritage.
Evansville kicks ass and is accessible to over half of the United States' population in at most a one day-long drive.
by Radical Republican November 18, 2004
A dumbass white moron who basically attempts in all possible endeavors to act black. He tries to ditch his white roots and deny that he is actually a Caucasion, and says he is black.
They wear stupid ghetto apparel, such as baggy jeans, doo-rag(very gay headwear), Fubu shirts, etc. In addition, these wiggers will say stupid incoherent things like "wat up yo?!", "fo sho mah homie", "don't be hatin", and "I put a cap in yo ass." I find it quite funny that these confused white guys are afraid to say "nigger" or even "nigga" if they are so black. Hmmmm.........
Wigger (or white niggers) are a freaking joke. If you see one, do one of two things (or both if you prefer): Point and laugh at them, or attack and beat the crap out of one. There are about 5-7 million of them nationwide, including many girls, so there's plenty. HAVE AT 'EM!!!
by Radical Republican December 16, 2004

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