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a man usually between ages 16-65 who has so much self confidence, they believe they can get with any girl by A- making cat noises , B- trying multiple times to make a move and get denied EVERYtime , C- touch a girl in her "private" area when it is clear he is unwanted , D- texting her at 3 in the morning saying "yo can I come over?" , E- being too honest and saying , things like "you have a nice a*s" or "lets f*ck tonight".
ME - That guy is sucha salty dog, he text me at 3 last night asking to hang out.
FRIEND 1 - woww he texted me too!
FRIEND 2 - no way he called me last night!
FRIEND 3 - he asked if i was DTF
by Rachelx2 Hailey Steph Robyn December 29, 2008

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