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1 definition by Rachel(TheFantastic)

An amazing guy. He is the singer/screamer of The Used, an awesome alternative rock band:)
He writes songs that are so poetic, it makes my heart feel like its being stopped by a hand, and he can sing so well it can reduce me to tears.
He smokes (:( BAD BERT lol), he might be engaged (? Jurys still out on this one), he used to be really tight with Gerard Way, then wasn't, then sort of is again.
I love him.
He loves me.
I wish.
"Lay your head down just for now|Space fills your mind as you dream-awhile|the sun floods your room as you drown|your lungs full of breathing-your true love beleive" -Bert McCracken
by Rachel(TheFantastic) September 15, 2007