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2 definitions by Rachel/Raeizzle

Hes got a show viva la bam which, CKY shows/movies. Hes one of the wildboys on viva la bam.Also along with FAT PHil,april,don veto.and all the "MArgera Crew" hes hot, got a show on mtv The SUNDAY STEW. hes got soo much fucking money he could buy everytthing he pleases, and his mom too.His parents let him do anything he wants..thats is crazy stuff.
"He Lives in my Neighbor hood"
In pennsylvania
by Rachel/Raeizzle June 13, 2004
In a sexual way of having sex;fucking; dogy style, in that back fucking sex
"I wana tap that shit and bang her doggizzle styizzle)aka(doggy style)
In a way how bitches (female dogs) get fucked by there part in her pussy
by Rachel/Raeizzle October 26, 2003