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1 definition by Race for the Cure

A school defined by it's 70/30 ratio: the average female is 70% desperate and 30% wasted, while the average male is 70% 'bro' and 30% rapist. Commonly, both males and females are 100% stupid.
Students are commonly victims of "JMU Delusion Syndrome", an ailment characterized by the victim's staunch belief that their school is in fact, not lame. As the victim falls deeper and deeper into the throes of the disease, they will refuse to acknowledge basic facts, primarily the blatant repetitiveness of their party scene. They will also find females who go to JMU more attractive than they would be elsewhere in the world, apparently to rationalize their belief that the campus is brimming with "dime-pieces".
This tragic affliction is only in the beginning stages of study, and as such, any person who has someone they care about attending James Madison should watch carefully for signs of JMUDS.
Remember that they will simply not be able to understand how lame James Madison University is (owing to the JMUDS), so you cannot be offended if they react in a hostile manner to intervention.

by Race for the Cure April 09, 2008
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