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2 definitions by Raúl Soleimani

One of the oldest cities in South America. It has beautiful colonial buildings, as well as a modern part called "Quito Norte." As previously said, there are several private schools across Quito. It is not true, however, that the only thing to do there is going out dancing and drinking. Quiteños are rather deep and well educated people with
whom you can have nice conversations about life and politics. Quito can be a wild city if you visit the right places: Avenida Amazonas and a few other places in Quito Norte. You may also want to visit "El Panecillo" to get a view of old Quito.
There is nothing better than sitting at a café in Quito to smoke a cigar and have a cup of coffee while watching all the beautiful quiteñas walking by. I love Quito.
by Raúl Soleimani January 23, 2009
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A small town outside of Quito, Ecuador, where many painters and artists live. It has beautiful landscapes and very friendly people.
I used to live in Alangasí. It is a rather peaceful place. Great place to live if you like reading poetry and relaxing.
by Raúl Soleimani January 23, 2009
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