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oh my juice
something i made up when trying to say OMG to my friend Ant in sign launguage, because a little kid was super annoying because he wouldnt stop talking (you know how they are,see example). I didnt know "g" so i put "j".
kid: ...so then there was a train full of clones, like in Star Warz! do you like Star Warz? I luv it! there are people and more people and more people and more people and more people and more people and alien things! my favorite part was when my favorite charater said something that was sooooo cool.

me: yeah, you sho-

kid: oops, i forgot to do my homework. my teacher is a butthead. can you spell butthead? i can. B-U-T-H-E-D, butthead!

me: you really should-

kid: can also spell rainbow! R-A...

me thinking: omg, hey i will sign launguage! O-M..uh...J. Yeah, OMJ that kid is talkative! trying to make him shut up is like trying to lick your elbow!
by RWH_yall January 08, 2007
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