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1 definition by RS Got Old

Runescape is a game that just sucks up your soul and spits it out as a nerd version of yourself with no life. Too many imature 12 year olds playing, also geeks, people with no lives...and if you click the "down" button, that just proves my point. For all the people that think Runescape is an old laggy java game with too many imature middle schoolers, and click the "up" button, I pronounce you as 1338...
Runescape is:

12 year old = "Hey can I have your armor?"
26 year old (very sad eh? but it happens)= "No! My gold crested.true warrior rune armor is worth way too much!"
12 year old = "Please?"
26 year old = "No."
12 year old = "OMG you stupid f***!!! IM going to reprot you!"
by RS Got Old June 26, 2007