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You can't define a whole nation, you know that right? It's not true that everybody in Germany loves nature and hiking and camping and stuff, some do, like in every other country in the world. And it's not true, that all Germans are dressed badly, most of them do have style.. And I don't know what everybody's talking about Germans being forced to be Nazi's, that's not quite true either. There were some people who supported Hitler, but most of them didn't know everything he was doing for example to the jewish until the end of WW2. Very many people disagreed with the Nazis and so they just were executed.
It's also not true that all German are hot, the most IT guys are just ugly.
One thing is true: The German language is driving you crazy. Grammar is just sooo complicated. I am German and I have my problems with that.
There is nothing typical German - except for the beer. That's true. German beer is great.
by rrraaawwwrrr April 10, 2013
Another name for Doncaster greatest chav hole in England :)

Referred to by the local chavsters as 'Donneh'
"Fuckin get into fuckin donneh reet?"
by RRRAAAWWWRRR April 22, 2005

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