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A small town by Commerce Township and Highland. Also known as MILF-town soley because of the name. There are no MILFS. Home of the Milford Mavericks (whatever the hell a maverick is) because apparently their old mascot was racist. Milford Has a creepy shop called the shutter shop that noone will go into. The old man has cats and chases teenagers out with a broom. Stores can never stay open for more than a few months, and O'Callahans and Stucchis have been like 5 different places in the last year. Kids walk around aimlessly with no money and nothing to do. Most popular spot is the Starbucks, the bakery or Milford House. The park is on the other side of Milford where lame-o teenagers "play" on the jungle gym while parents give them evil looks while their 4 year old frolics nearby. Creeper warning at night. Stay out of the woods if you want to live. Theres one "movie theater" with a ridiculous answering machine message. There is a ridiculous amount of hairsalons in a one mile radius (seriously count them.)

And no, Milford is not country... go to Pinkney to see some real hicks.
OMG My friend is from MILFORD MICHIGAN. That place is BOSS!
by ROYAL ICING December 25, 2011

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