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3 definitions by ROB A.K.A. Blackrob

This refers to a gay sausagefest hangout in as in referring to an upside down barstool for their ass.
Yo watchout for that happy stool, there is some gay shizzle happening in that hizzle.
by Rob A.K.A. Blackrob April 10, 2003
3 0
It means to get head and bang a M.I.L.F at the same time without a commitment.
Im having a SHWIZZLE and it is off the hizzle with Tiffany's nigwhore.
by Rob A.K.A. Blackrob April 10, 2003
5 7
that is wut this site is for fuckin taking off my definitions. You sons of nigwhores.
WOW Urban Dictionary.com is GAYZLE and should get shut down.
by ROB A.K.A. Blackrob April 11, 2003
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