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A website/gallery where anyone can upload his/her art for other users to see and comment on. Primarily, a Deviant Art user is going to find either anime/manga (perverted) or photography (pornography under the category of "artistic nude").
The wonderful thing about Deviant Art is that anyone can upload his/her artwork. The crappy thing about Deviant Art is that anyone can put his/her up.
by RK5000 February 18, 2008
A kind of milk found in Canada
"This is homo-milk, it must be yours."
by RK5000 February 18, 2008
An Edmontonian - one who resides in Edmonton, Alberta. Derived from the IATA airport identification code for the Edmonton International Airport (YEG).
Yeggers are patient people; they're used to waiting great spans of time for freight trains, road construction, and LRT expansions.
by RK5000 December 10, 2010
a friendly greeting or form of address
'dude' (a man, a guy) in junction with 'bro' (a friend, chum, pal)
Dude-bro! It has been a while since we've hung out.

Don't worry dude-bro, I've got you covered.
by RK5000 April 14, 2010
A contemptible person


asshattery (noun)

asshattedly, asshatted (adjective)
asshats (plural)
My supervisor is an asshat - I resent being his subordinate.
by RK5000 April 14, 2010
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