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Dave Matthews Band (DMB) is the muzak soundtrack of the yuppie (and proto-yuppie) class's lifestyle.

DMB exists to provide "chill time" and a false sense of third-world earthiness (he's like, white, but African, yanno?) between Economics papers and/or Marketing Team meetings.

DMB is carefully formulated to be well-played and intricately composed while guaranteeing not to significantly challenge its listeners' musical expectations, social viewpoints, and hazy comfort beyond pot-laced commentary like ". . .man. . .that solo is fucking GENIUS!"

In short, DMB is the Kenny G of the Bonnaroo generation.
I was crazy stressed from my Econ test already, then my dad called to tell me my mutual fund was down. Bullshit! So I packed a bowl and slipped on some DMB to, y'know, chillax.
by RJ to the C March 16, 2008

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