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1 definition by RIMAS DA KING

A Gangster Is someone who lives opposite of the law. Let it be larceny, gambling, auto-thefts, Drugs, alcohol running or whatever. A gangster does not have to be ignorant, or from a ghetto. Can Be any race or Color. And is good at crime. Im tired of you stupid muthafuckas on here tryin to say one race is better than another, 1 type of people is fake or anything stupid. a Crip or Blood in La can be just as gangster as tone Capone, A thug in Detroit can be just as gangster as Bugsy Segal. Im from The East Bay Area. Hayward CA. a drug dealer, gun holder, pimp who makes real street Money. and I graduated highschool with a 4.0 so bitch I break all stereotype and u cant say im not gangster cuz I will shoot your snatch ass. BAY BIZNIZ 510 WAT IZ IT. C me in WAR. we stay smashin. SOUTH HAYWARD. HWD. HOW WE DO
a homie wat iz u

nigga strait reppin EAST BAY a GANGSTER at that. Murkn foos and getin dough.

for the Square ass Square Butts
excuse me brah. What do you Represent

O I’m an Eastern Bay Area Region Gangster. killers that make money
by RIMAS DA KING July 19, 2006
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