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Another word for Uncle Sam. The concept that Uncle Sam is everyon's pimp because he takes his share of your money before you get your share.

Uncle Sugar always gets his cut, he has taken quite bite out of my paycheck.
by RICH CHICKS August 05, 2007
A likeable female who is cute and sort of dumb but does not always know they are daft.

Sarah is such a bunny, but you just gotta love her for it.
by RICH CHICKS August 05, 2007
A play on words for significant other. Your live-in life partner in a non-wed relationship that you are crazy about.

I would like to introduce you to my Magnificent Other.
by RICH CHICKS August 05, 2007
Someone that is allergic to fun and is unwilling to try new things.

Shelly is a fun-a-phobe and will not take any risks or do anything out of the ordinary. What a bore!
by RICH CHICKS August 05, 2007
A trendsetting, hip, and lovable person that aspires to be a geek, or works in a geek position. Usually refers to someone who has taken a surprising area of study to a new dimension or an electronics or computer aficionado. Sort of a geek, but too cool to REALLY be a geek.

I was thrilled to find out that my new boss is a quazigeek that plays disc golf.
by RICH CHICKS April 10, 2008
Kids that leave a bad taste in your mouth because they are pests.

Here comes the Smith's with their anchovies.
by RICH CHICKS August 05, 2007

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