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The Realchat Justice League is an autonomous group apart of the justice league which is an organization of trolls that span across all of the chatrooms of the internet. where there are chatroom weaboos and roleplayers, there most likely is a justice league there to put them down. The Realchat Justice league is headed by Ty Glitchblade, and includes prominent members such as Erik, Vine, JPB, and vergil are among the most well known members. the group has well over 50 members in total(includes all active and nonactive members which have not resigned or kicked out)
animufan11: omg ichigo i love you ^^ holds ichigo tight in a tight embrace

REALCHAT JUSTICE TY: lol look its an animu faggot aww nobody likes you irl so you have to have sex with your internet boyfriends with text hmm yeah type those fingers faster i think hes getting off


REALCHAT JUSTICE TY: anime sucks, and most aspecially bleach sucks. i tried to watch an episode of it while i waited for squidbillies. the only part that was ever entertaining was when the commercials came on.


REALCHAT JUSTICE TY: sure if you're into shitty animation poorly written storylines and shitty dialogue
blue espada9: why are you so mean what did i ever do to you to deserve this!!!!11111 fuck you fuck everybody i hat u all!!111

johncasa: i hate this chatroom
johncasa has logged out

REALCHAT JUSTICE TY: loloololol just another day in the lulz for the Realchat Justice League

booty football tomato mushrooms internet stealth pentai everybody poops
by REALCHAT JUSTICE TY July 31, 2009
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