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This is a place to go when you hit your rock bottom. You will be greeted at the door with many a hug and warm wishes,you know hugs not drugs. In the rooms af NA you will find sweet baby jesus and he'll lead you on a new way of life. You will be instructed to follow the "12 steps" and get down on yo knees and pray. This comes easy to many of the girls in the program, because they got most of their crack while on their knees. Many of the junkies in these rooms like to stand on soapboxes and preach how god cured them. These junkies yarns should be taken with a grain of salt for most of them relapse. Going to an NA meeting is a good place to find local crack,smack,heroin,coke,and pill dealers if you just moved into the area, and you need a fix cause your in withdraw. The passing out of key tags in the begining of meetings is great fun for the whole family. You get to see who relapsed recently and who is new to the whole NA way of life. Many interesting(crazy) people are in the rooms that you will have the pleasure of becoming friends with. Many guys will go to these meetings to prey on young sluts trying to get their lives back on track, they are usually the ones with the pants around their knees and under pants showing. And if all that isn't enough to get you to take the needle out of your arm, they have free coffee
I went to a N.A. meeting and picked up a 18yr old slut who blew me for an 8-ball, it was sweet!
by REAL TV March 08, 2010
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