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1. Used to explain a feeling of being sick.
ex. "Oh my god Julia..uhh I just feel like blah."

2. Said in a conversation when no one else is talking.
ex. Sunglasses446 (10:46:07): Sean is annoying.
emofuck x (10:46:13): Yeah he is.
Sunglasses446 (10:52:46): blah.
(notice timestamps)

3. When used repeatedly is mean't as someone talking to much or replaced for a part of a story/gossip that is not important.
ex. Well you know that Sally is going out with John blahblahblah but did you know she had sex with Steven last week?
Examples above.
-Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words.
-Example doesn't use the word blah. Use the word in a sentence.
Now it does.
by REAL Definitions x April 16, 2006
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