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Communist Canadian Political party.
needless to have.....
by RCb April 28, 2005
The world\'s best graphic design company, started in 2004.
Alun: Yo, lets buy shit from RCubedDesigns!
Reecher: Aiite man!
by RCb April 26, 2005
1. often said when one's makes a remark out of stupidity or pretentiousness.

2. sometimes said in response to something unbelieveable or irrelevant. sometimes interchangeable with waaka decka when used in this context.

3. also said in response to an idiotic act.

4. often used as a retort to "waaka decka" (see waaka decka)

*orginated from "oh my" which was modified to "whoa my" then translated to german to "halt mein".
1. Ruell: Why don't you use these coupons to save money since we have them?

Allan: No, I don't want to.

Steve: Halt mein.

2. (see waaka decka)

3. Allan: Open the door I need to use the bathroom.

Joey: (opens door)

Allan: Where's the money?

Steve: Halt mein.

4. Ruell: Your room is a mess.
Joey: I cleaned it yesterday.
Ruell: Waaka decka
Joey: Halt mein! I did.
by RCB February 15, 2005
Similar to "Spanglish" (music term), it's the mixture of Italian and English.
Italian singer Laura Pausini released the song "Limpido" with Kylie Minogue, but Kylie (who is Australian) only sings in English, so they actually did an Itanglish version for the song.
#spanglish #italish #italo-english #engtalian #itaglish
by rcb February 16, 2014
a common misplacement of fingers when trying to type out "lol".
1: dude, thats soo screwed up!
2: kik
2: **lol
by RCb April 27, 2005
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