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1 definition by RAP_AKP

Anand: An Anand is someone who sleeps for extended periods of time every day. It is also someone who has compulsory urges to use the toilet anywhere from 1 to 6 times a day depending upon the amount of Subway he has eaten. It is someone who is very mild mannered, collected, and calm.....almost to a point where it is impossible to differentiate between an Anand and a retard. It is also someone who has a very scary face. As a matter of fact, the only thing good about being an Anand is having amazing friends like a Ravi or an Anay. An Anand has a very poor fashion sense. If you go to the club and see an Anand, you should not be surprised to see him standing with a pair of mesh shorts, a polo shirt, and sandals on. An Anand has an incredible amount of body hair....everywhere. If an Anand were to date anyone, her name would be a Prix. She would not know why she is dating him because his friend Anay is much more attractive.
"Yesterday I pulled an Anand and woke up at 8 pm."
"God my face was so Anand when I woke up this afternoon."
"I have to do laundry because my three polos are dirty, that is very Anand."
"The guy I hit in the face with a baseball bat had a very Anand look on his face."
by RAP_AKP September 13, 2006