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16 definitions by RAGX

Allahing is when a crazy Muslim suicide bomber kinda runs into a crowded place, usually a temple and blows himself up, along with 5923905 other innocent women and children.
That crazy Muslim towel head went allahing inside the Israeli supermarket.
by RAGX May 28, 2009
Ur a bitch spelled backwards.
Kid: What the fuck does your name mean n00b?
Hctibaru: You're retarded.
by RAGX June 11, 2009
A jew who turns into a wolf during a full moon... but retains his jewish qualities. Often howls at pennies and has been known to wear a torn suit, and a yamaka. Has been spotted with a briefcase filled with stolen coins. Oh yes, this beast exists. Be afraid.
"The other night I thought I saw a jew howling,
'jeeeeeewwwwww!' at the moon.. he spotted me and ran towards me. As he got closer he looked more like a wolf or a warejew! Bastard stole all my loose change!!!!!!!"
by RAGX June 12, 2009
An incredibly hot girl that flirts a lot, like a closet whore and tells tons of sexual innuendos. However, one will never be able to invade her mouth and seal the deal.
Guy1: Sofia Gizzi is so hot, I need to get with her.
Guy2: No man, you know as well as me that she is unhookupable.
by RAGX June 22, 2009
When one pushes one's erect penis against a pool jet simulating a sexual experience that leads to climax.
Eric: Yo man jetsex was amazing yesterday.
Judge: Did you jizz in da pool?
Eric: No. It got stuck in my bathing suit. It doesn't go in the pool.
Judge: ....alright?.....
by RAGX July 31, 2009
When one has the nipple the color of a nigger.
Pablo: Dude. I'm so white, but check out my niggernipple.
Judge: ....alright?....
by RAGX July 31, 2009
Blue: Yo man wanna go get some squarepussy?
Rob: No! Only Spongebob likes that shit.
by RAGX August 05, 2009