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The over played tatoo on the lower back right above the ass.
She's nice but did you see the stripper stamp when her shirt hiked up her back after bending over, it just makes me wonder where she works after hours. "Go ahead try giving her a dollar to see what see does."
by R.L. Allen January 02, 2007
Dumb ass. Fool. To act foolish or act in a stupid manor. To behave like an idoit. To define the given name and sur name of a true dip shit.
Whats up Dippy McShittington? Man-your such a dumb ass.
by R.L. Allen April 24, 2007
One who participates in the act of anal intercourse and asshole play whether it be Homo or Hetero sexual play in nature.
"You know, I have just had about enough of Dave's comments about him and his wifes ass capades. Now when I see Dave, I just think to myself-man what a turd jockey and how he can eat with those hands or kiss his mother with that mouth. I Just want to say : Keep the tight wife but hole comments to yourself so I can be ignorant to your anal sexploritory adventures. I mean come on. We still have to spend christmas parties together and I don't want it to get freakin' wierder, so stop!-Please"
by R.L. Allen September 01, 2007
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