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1 definition by R.I.P. korner

The unconditional hate of a certain race.

Unfortunately, the term is now grossly overused and no longer has meaning. Ignorant juveniles now believe that referring to a person by their race is racist in some way, like saying that a person is black is some kind of racial profiling. Ridiculous.

Ultimately these people just look like ignorant idiots who want to seem intelligent. They will bring race into a conversation at any given time, yet YOU are the racist somehow.
Guy #1: "Where did you go?"

Guy #2: "I was just visiting Ishtar, the convenience store owner."

Guy #1: "RACIST!!!!!!!!11!!!1 zOMFG UZ A KKK!!!! RACISM!!!!!1"

Guy #2: "No, actually, I was just stating that I visited a convenience store owner named Ishtar, you useless shit."
by R.I.P. korner May 16, 2010