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A girl with a name meaning ‘laurel flower.’ She is the most amazing person in the world. She is brilliant, smart, funny, pretty (she doesn't need beauty products to make herself look pretty!), out going, wonderful, amazing, outstanding, and awesome. She can be pretty crazy at times, (sugar makes Laura INSANE) but she can often be very shy too and may take a while to open up to someone. Which means that if she does trust you and considers you a good friend, you should be honored! When around friends, she is always a fun person to be around. Laura is far above average intelligence. She has great taste in music, loves to read, loves to write stories and songs and poetry, and takes way too many photos on her camera. Reading is her favourite pastime. She has several favourite numbers, a list which changes frequently, and is very good at remembering numbers, She is a very organized person and loves to create lists and keep everything in order. Laura is an extreme perfectionist and does very well in school. She goes above and beyond the limit. If she made a goal, she’d reach it! She’d soar high above all the other competitors, and make herself the top, or however high she wanted to be! You will never regret meeting a Laura. She is very good at keeping secrets and always knows how to cheer someone up.
Laura is just the most incredible person on this erath.
by R.G. (L) March 06, 2010

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