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A seemingly gay male that slips under your radar because you thought he "wasn't competition".

Origin: Discovery Channel

Two ways to mate with a real cuttlefish female.

Dominance: Be a dominate male, force your way upon her, and fight all the other cuttlefish away.

Disguise: Some males change there body to look like a female, thus tricking the dominant type into letting the cuttlefish secretly mate with the female.
You - "Man, It's weird that this gay guy loves to go shopping with my girlfriend. It kinda freaks me out."

Friend - "Dude that guy is totally a cuddlefish, he just broke up with his girlfriend last week."

You - "HOLY SHYT YOU'RE RIGHT, the mall isn't even open at 2 AM!!"

Friend - "I bet he is in cuddle position ready to attack"

You - "NOOOOO!!!"
by R. Muttsky December 25, 2009

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