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A waste of space; loser; contributing nothing
Alex who sits in his office all day surfing the net for kiddie porn is a waistoid.
by R. Keefe November 23, 2005
Masturbation; spanking the monkey; shining the pope; pleasing the tall dude with the beard; playing 5 on 1, hanging out with Mary Palmer and her 5 sisters
When the professor asked the students if "there were any other terms for masturbation" to add to the list he had on the board during our human sexuality class, the class fell silent. Then, this grisly old dude in the back crowed out "shaking hands with Abe Lincoln". His addition shocked the entire class including the professor.
by R. Keefe November 28, 2005
In a bucket is essentially a hard pop doubled. It's a double drink relating to liquor as opposed to beer or wine.
"Hey Al, my old lady's been busting my chops. Give me a hard pop in a bucket NOW!"
by R. Keefe December 01, 2005
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