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A term of endearment usually used to characterize any female, of the human species, who typically acts, or tends to act, in a particularly goofy manner.

Hoon is word that is blended from the term “Ho” … a noun used by police to describe a “Habitual Offender” and word “Loon” … a noun used to describe a crazy or simple minded person.

i.e. - Hoon, Hoonette, Hoonish, Hoonasetic, Hoonification, Hoonability
“She is such a Hoon!” Said regarding any habitually wacky woman.

“Where is Hoonett?” Said regarding a young or adolescent Hoon.

“You are being kind of Hoonish now.” Said regarding any woman who is not typically a Hoon but is periodically exhibiting Hoon-like tendencies.

“That is very Hoonasetic of you.” Said regarding any woman who is usually classified as a Hoon and is actively exercising their Hoon-like tendencies.

“Together, they make quite a Hoonification.” Said regarding any gaggle of Hoons that have unified together toward a common madcap purpose.

“She does everything with a lot of Hoonability.” Said regarding any Hoon that regularly pushes the limits of being Hoonish.
by R WMS December 30, 2006

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