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Someone who has a low tolerance or stamina in a certain situation.
P1: Dude, I'm going home.
P2: Dude, the library doesn't close for another 2.33333 hours.
P1: I'm tired.
P2: Dude, you're such a lightweight.
by R Squared February 07, 2006
A man who takes pride in his chest hair; a man who encourages girls to touch his chest hair freely in order to transform them into women.
Girl 1: You have a lot of chest hair.
Shardul: Yes, it forms a triangular pattern. Touch it, I'll make you a woman.
Girl 1: You're such a Shardul!
Shardul: Lightweight!
by R Squared February 16, 2006
an alternate expression for cool
Person 1: Dude, do you want to go to foco?
Person 2: Yeah, steady.
Person 1: By the way, I'm not gonna lie - my shirt is steady.
Person 2: Self Call!
by R Squared February 16, 2006
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