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The Yahoo Apocalypse has started be aware that people aren't as interested as answering your questions like they used to. Be very aware sport, your becoming less important to the public. It's because of the pigeons that this whole mess started. Now I don't quite understand the problem, really nothing to worry about everything is gonna be fine, yes yes don't fear it's just the fact that your now less important to me. That's right I don't care what questions you have.
Yeah now you feel sad, now you and a bunch of other people have just tasted the Apocalypse, that the pigeons have started. Yes I'm talking about those demons that don't fly away when your near them, that's simply because they don't fear us. Now don't go blaming yahoo...I can't afford to get sued. Its the pigeons that you should blame! We will all die if we don't stand up and say NO MORE, I'm not gonna sit there while you walk around me corrupting my internet, NO SIR!
PLEASE! won't you come stand with me because in front of those covered in pigeon poo cars will be me. Yes I'm not a stranger, no I don't mean any danger, and yes I want to be a Texas ranger. So get up now, yes you with the key board but down your mouse, stop doing your paper work and spend some time with your kids. The Apocalypse is coming baby! I just want you to be ready, yes you in the blue shirt your my closest friend...
The Protector Is Here No need To Fear

sources:Me...you couldn't get this anywhere else
by Quincy Wolfe/REAL NAME! October 03, 2011
To call someone a God or Goddess of Awesomeness
Mike: Did you go to Franks Killer party last night?

Larry: Yeah man! Hes the El donkatorus!
by Quincy Wolfe/REAL NAME! October 05, 2011
Meaning without El is showing of doing or having something God like which can be awesome depending on who you are
Mike: Kevin's party sucked

Frank: Dude watch your mouth, hes a donkatorus now because of that party...

Mike: Opps my bad
by Quincy Wolfe/REAL NAME! October 05, 2011
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