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When someone sexually attractive walks by you; you have noticed the front view, and found it interesting and then you turn your head slightly after passing by, to get a quick glance at their ass. Something that usually really pisses off your bf/gf, if with you.
Man, let's walk by that hawt chick, I have got to go for an ass glance.
by Quido1 July 26, 2010
Those persons between the age of 18 and 21. Legally, they don't exist, for they are neither a child, nor a fully matriculated adult. They can be drafted, they can go to jail as an adult, but they cannot check themselves into a hospital or drink alcohol.
Man, I hated being a tween and a teeny bopper, but now I am a tween adult and still can't do shit.
by Quido1 November 29, 2011
Something that is over the top in gayness.
My sister wanted my to watch Danny Noriega sing on You Tube, but it was just too gay for me.
by Quido1 March 10, 2008
To cough up a glob of mucus, usually about as big as a gum wad; yellowish to green, then spit it out: totally disgusting.
Man, the next time my sister gives me shit, I am going to hack a lugi on her.
by Quido1 March 08, 2008
Something that looks alive, but is really dead (smells like rotten fish) Something like Goldman Sachs putting a paper mache money transfusion into a corpse, we all walk around following each other for the last drop of blood, forever.
Yeah, got a job the other day: I was CEO at WaMu, but my 12 year old neighbor, outsourced me to mow lawns: zombie economy, you know.
by Quido1 April 16, 2010
Term used in the Afgan War indicating that your are switching sides in fighting or loyalty, usually under the influence of monetary reward.
The US Government will pay you in 100 dollar bills, if you work for the Taliban and consider turning your turban.
by Quido1 December 01, 2009
Government+Goldman Sachs+S. E. C.+ Federal Reserve=power and control freak's Heaven and your children's damnation HELL (eating their future).

I guess we will forever pay the devil his due, with economic damnation.
by Quido1 April 24, 2010

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