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a phrase yelled in one of four occasions, or all four at the same time

1) You are within the game World of Warcraft, and are either storming an Alliance city or or of Warcraft's many Battlegrounds.

2) When you soundly run into a fist-fight you are sure to win (or lose, but want to go out in style)

3) When awestruck at something totally Amazing to all, or looking at a Hot girl

4) When
Guy 1: Hey doesn't that guy hate you?
Guy 2: Shit, that guy wants a fight!
*Guy 2 charges*
Guy 2: For the Horde!!
by Queztilj the Everliving July 14, 2009
A being of limited Lifespan who commits an act of,stupidity commonly without any common sense put into it, this being then takes applause for his foolish deed, and is then deemed a foolish mortal, being foolish in nature, and limited in lifespan. you can be deemed a foolish mortal by one of three things.

1) A British Monarch from the 16th century.

2) A Warlock Of superior power.

3) A wise Immortal.
Warlock: so...a squirrel took your underwear you say?
Foolish mortal: yes, yes he did.
Warlock: Okay...and your lifespan is how long..?
Foolish Mortal: umm....70-80 years on average?
Warlock: I see....FOOLISH MORTAL!!
by Queztilj the Everliving July 14, 2009
1) To make a situation evolve from a few minor inconviniences to a full scale catastrophy. using psychological reasoning, lying, or even reverse psychology in order to confuse, enrage, or bewilder the person or people involved into causing a situation far worse off than it should be.

2) Using trivial arguments and sources in order to ignite a shouting argument between two sprouses in order to watch them tear their own relationship apart. often for entertainment purposes, or for drama, more often than not, for sadistic personal reasons.
How to Kindle the Carnage

"hmmm....we're out of Booze"

"Yeah....you should cut back"


"Well me and the guys think your a bit of an alcoholic, and so does your girl, In fact, she hates it when you drink, she even shagged some another bloke whilst you were out cold"


Carnage duly Kindled....
by Queztilj the Everliving June 07, 2010

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